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Introducing the RSS Feed

Many people use RSS readers to get updates from the sites subscribed.

I built a Bloggify plugin that brings the RSS feed page on my blog which runs Bloggify.

The RSS feed page is So you can add it to your RSS reader sources to be notified when a new article is posted here.

I used the QuiteRSS application for testing the things out.

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The OctoSnowCat

It's a snowy weather here… And I had a lot of fun by building a 3D octocat of snow: actually an OctoSnowCat. Yeps, here is the result:

The OctoSnowCat

The GitHubbers will understand. If you didn't get it, watch the following video with the 3D octocat figurine:

…and buy it, if you like it and have enough money.

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Develop desktop applications using web technologies

Building a website is easy: just some HTML styled with CSS and with some JavaScript handlers for the user interaction. But what about desktop applications? I've never liked to build desktop applications because they generally depend on the platform they run.

That's why I decided to build BAT – A tiny tool for building native desktop applications using WEB technologies.



Currently the available binaries are for Linux and Mac OS X only. To install the latest BAT version, run the following commands:

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IsRespo: Test your website responsiveness

I'm happy to announce IsRespo 1.0.0 the newest release of IsRespo – a tool for visualizing how websites are loaded on different devices (big displays, laptops, tables, phones etc).

The tool is available online, but it can be downloaded via git or npm, also:

# git
$ git clone [email protected]:IonicaBizau/IsRespo.git
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Using NodeJS to convert images into ASCII art

I've released a new version of the image-to-ascii NodeJS package which is used for converting images into ASCII art.

It's super easy to use. Let's take a look.


You have to install GraphicsMagick before using this package:

$ sudo apt-get install graphicsmagick # Ubuntu
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CLI GitHub - A fancy GitHub client for the command line

Using GitHub in a browser like Chrome, Firefox etc. is fine, but not always comfortable. When you always stay in a Terminal window, pressing alt + tab becomes annoying. This problem can be solved using a text browser (e.g. Elinks). However, using a text browser for browsing GitHub is not the most comfortable way to access GitHub resources.

That's why I created CLI GitHub: a fancy GitHub client for the command line, written in NodeJS.


Before installing cli-github, you have to ensure that NodeJS and GraphicsMagick are installed. If they are installed already, you can install CLI GitHub.

Installation and Usage

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Uploading videos to YouTube using NodeJS

Using different service APIs may be difficult, especially for beginners, but not only. In this post, I will try to make clearer how to upload a video on YouTube, using NodeJS.

Back in 2013 I published my first NPM module: youtube-api–an object-oriented wrapper for the YouTube v3 API. People liked this module and the feedback came. Contributions, bug reports, stars etc. That means people actually used my module which is incredible. 💫

So, let's suppose you have a video file (codename: video.mp4) and you want to upload it on your YouTube account. While there are a couple of authenticating methods (JWT, OAuth2, Server Key etc), to upload videos on YouTube, you need OAuth2 authentication.

The documentation cleary states:

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Introducing the Blah Command Line Tool

Working with NodeJS modules I was doing the following repetitive boring tasks:

  1. Create the, LICENSE, .gitignore files.
  2. Bump package.json versions.
  3. Add documentation.
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[email protected] is released

Statique is a Node.JS static server module that has built-in routing and caching stuff. The new version comes with a lot of fixes and features.


The following things were made in the new version:

  • Improved readFile method (using file streams)
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