Ionică Bizău

Programmer, Pianist & Organist, Jesus follower

What operating system are you using?

I've been using Linux distributions since the end of 2012. I use different *nix systems on my various machines:

  • Ubuntu 17.10, Unity desktop on my notebook
  • Ubuntu Server 16.04, openbox on my desktop machine
  • Ubuntu Mate 16.04 on my Raspberry Pi 2, and
  • macOS on my MacBook

ElementaryOS is another Linux distribution (Ubuntu-based) that I like and have used in the past.

Your favorite text editor?

I spend a lot of time in terminal, and that's why I like VIM.

If you're on Ubuntu (or one of its derivatives), just do a sudo apt-get install vim and you'll have it.

That window is gorgeous – What theme do you use?

As GTK theme I use Flattiance, a fork of the Ambiance theme (the default Ubuntu theme).

As terminal emulator, I use gnome-terminal, themed with the flat terminal theme.