Ionică Bizău

Programmer, Pianist & Organist, Jesus follower

Hi. My name is Ionică Bizău. I am a 27 (still counting!) year web developer, pianist and organist from Romania.

I started studying computer science five years ago, starting with little C++ algorithms and continuing with Microsoft technologies (C#, WPF, Windows Forms). 2012 was the year when I switched from Windows to Linux, entering the open source world. Loving C#, I wanted a close alternative. That's why I tried Java, but I didn't like it… Later, I would discover programming languages that I really liked!

In the end of 2012, I became a member of the jillix team, a Swiss company, working as web developer. That's how I discovered Node.JS.

In my free time, I like to write plugins and modules (most of them written in JavaScript/Node.JS), publishing them on GitHub. There, I have a lot of open source projects. I love JavaScript. It's easy and powerful; just perfect for me. Also, I sometimes write small bash scripts designed to optimize my work.

I am a StackOverflow user, being in top 20 amongst Romanian users.

You can find my music videos on my YouTube channel.

If you want to contact me, just write me a message. If you just want to say "Hi", that's cool too. 😄