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Highlights of 2018 → Happy New Year 2019

For me, 2018 was a special year in which I accomplished many objectives and learned a bunch of things. Having the flexibility to work and travel is a great blessing. 🙏

Here are a few highlights of this year. ✨

My Experience in Ecuador 🇪🇨

Perhaps the most touching experience I had this year was living and traveling in Ecuador for three months (September—December).

I visited many wonderful places, met lovely people and made a couple of close friends. I learned a little bit of Spanish, enjoyed the diversity of fresh fruits and vegetables. During this time I was in contact with the Church and made the important step of baptism. 💖

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My Journey To India 2017 – What I have Learned

In 2017 I travelled to India for 5 weeks. 🇮🇳 Finally, I took the time to write about what I learned there. As European, I tried my best to adapt to the Indian life as much as possible, eating what and how they eat, doing stuff the way they do it, visiting some nice places and working at the same time. 🍀

I was lucky because Bhargav–an Indian friend travelled with me and I had the privilege to be hosted for a few days at Suresh. 🙏

I made this video which covers a couple of highlights from India:

Summarizing, here are some things I learned during these 5 weeks:

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Accessing My Home Computer Remotely

I have a powerful ASUS machine which I use when I'm at home. I guess it was designed for gaming. It's quite useful for any tasks, but I often use it for expensive tasks using more resources (e.g. training neural networks). It got a fast enough wired internet connection, as well! 🚀

When travelling, I do not have physical access to my home computer. However, I do want to access it sometimes (when I work on projects requiring lots of computations). ✈️

The solution I ended with is to connect to it via SSH. 🔒

So, using my MacBook, I can simply run ssh -A ionicabizau@<public-ip> -p <port> and land in my home. There are a couple of problems, tho. Here is how I did it! ✨

Port Forwarding

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