Ionică Bizău

Programmer, Pianist & Organist, Jesus follower

Hey there! 😁

We use software every day. Software that is developed by people. Using it is something everyone knows to do, reading its code is maybe a more challenging (I would say: the most challenging) task, but writing code that can help other people is definitely a thing. ❇️

🔬 Expertise

I started coding about 10 years ago. I do the best in web development. If you want to learn one of these, or you just have a bug that you cannot solve, I'm here to help you:

  • JavaScript
  • Node.js (well, basically it's JavaScript on the server side)
  • Git & GitHub
  • HTML & CSS
  • MongoDB
  • …and others

🔥 How does it work? 🔥

You can reach me on Codementor and schedule 1:1 sessions with me. I prefer answering specific questions, rather than having weekly sessions (that may be possible too).

In the meantime, check out my GitHub projects and follow me if you want to be notified when I build new stuff. 😊

Contact me if you have any questions. ✉️