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How to write a web scraper in Node.js

Sometimes we need to collect information from different web pages automagically. Obviously, a human is not needed for that. A smart script can do the job pretty good, especially if it's something repetitive. 💫


When there is no web based API to share the data with our app, and we still want to extract some data from that website, we have to fallback to scraping. 💥

This means:

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Pi Day, Raspberry Pi and Command Line

Everyone knows (or should know) what the Pi number is. Basically, its value is defined by the division of a circle circumference to its diameter. That's the Pi number! The nice thing about it is its irrational nature. That means it has a lot an infinity of decimals.

Usually, Pi is approximated as 3.14. And today is 14th of March! So, happy Pi day! :)

I have a Raspberry Pi computer around, and I was thinking to use two of my libraries to create something nice: displaying the Raspberry Pi's logo and the Pi number in the command line: it's funny how it basically stands for Raspberry Pi (the raspberry image and the pi number). I wanted one more thing: using the pi number decimals in the output characters. Here's the result (see below how I did it):

How I did it

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How I ported Memory Blocks to modern web

Playing computer games is a lot of fun. Playing games improving brain function and performance is even better. The first computer game I ever played was one of these. ⚡️

It happened when I was 6-year-old. I visited a friend in the neighboring village. There were not so many computers in those days but my friend had one. He asked me to play a computer game he thought I would enjoy. And I did! It was my favorite computer game at the time (back in 2001).

The game I played was Memory Blocks, which is part of the Symantec Game Pack, created by Charles Timmerman—founder of Funster and author of over 90 puzzle books.

Since then I did a lot of things. One of them is that I became a web developer. So, I thought: it should be interesting to bring this Windows game back to life and everyone will be able to play it in their browsers (on any platform). Many people love oldies. Not long time ago I created a COBOL bridge for Node.js and the feedback was amazing.

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