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Sometimes Waiting Is Worth It

We live in times in which it is relatively easy to obtain something we want, and often quite quickly. A simple internet search usually saves hours of searching in physical books, fast vehicles take us from point A to point B with speeds we could not naturally reach, and the list goes on. 🚀

But what do we do when life goes at its slow pace? Sometimes we may be surprised. 🎁

In my teens, I listened to a lot of music, but two music albums, in particular, were special to me. A young Croatian couple from the Church recorded that music, and I was impressed by how well the voices would mix with the music. They were Sabina and Daniel Poropat! 🎶

Since I had done a couple of music collaborations before that, I thought it would be lovely to record a song with Daniel and Sabina. After sending them a message, I was so excited when Sabina replied! We kept in touch for years, hoping one day we would record something together. ✨

This year in July, we met in Croatia. It felt so good to read the long thread of old messages, starting eleven years ago! In the meantime, God blessed them with two talented kids. As you can imagine, we talked a lot and got the chance to record a song together! 😇

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Olvido Y Esperanza

Enjoying a sunrise on the beautiful beach of Valencia, while listening to the gentle waves of the Mediterranean Sea, I was reading about Valencian art and literature. 🌊

I was impressed by a quote from the renowned writer Vicente Blasco Ibáñez:

We have two forces that help us to live: forgetting and hope.

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I’ve Built a Digital Organ and This Is What I Learned

For quite a bit of time, I have been looking for a solution to practice the organ at home. A digital piano may simulate a real piano quite well, but for an organ, the pedalboard is a real need. 🎹


I concluded that building a digital organ with a pedalboard would be way more exciting than buying one (which would be very expensive too!).

So, here's the story! 🛠

Building the Pedalboard, Together With My Dad

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