Ionică Bizău

An Act of Love and Service

When I was a kid, I wondered why people need blood transfusions and why would someone donate blood. Growing up I understood better that in some cases (eg. serious injuries etc.), people may lose blood, therefore requiring a transfusion. Since blood is not something we can buy or create artificially (perhaps yet?), the viable option is to motivate other persons to donate little quantities of their blood. ✨

Me Donating Blood

One day a friend of mine shared their experience and that inspired me to donate blood and clear my fears about it. By doing it regularly I discovered how meaningful it feels to help people around us in this way as well. 🍀

Spiritually, we can see sin as a serious injury to the perfect initial state. When sin entered the world, the human race was in great danger. Thankfully, there is Someone who offered Himself to save us. As our physical existence depends on the blood flowing through our bodies, eternal life is in the blood of Jesus, as Peter writes:

"He himself bore our sins in his body on the cross, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed." — 1 Peter 2:24

To be saved from eternal death, there was a need for infinite Love. As finite beings, we will spend eternity learning and understanding this infinite Love. Jesus’ scars will remind us continuously how much He loves us. 💖

Especially at this time of the year, when Christians meditate about the life of Jesus: temptation, suffering, sacrifice, and resurection, we should focus our attention on what Jesus did for us and how much we need His blood to have eternal life. 💫

May His sacrifice and His scars remind us of His boundless love for us, and may we strive to share that love with the world around us. 🤍

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